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Tire Changer

Auto Tyre Changing Machine mobile tire changer ST-093H


Motor power: 0.75-1.1KW
Power supply: 110V/220V 1Ph 220V/380V 3Ph
Wheel diameter: 1000mm
Wheel width: 3"-15" (76-410mm)
Outside rim clamping: 10"-20"
Inside rim clamping: 12"-24"
Air supply: 0.8~1MPa
Bead breaker force: 2500Kg
Noise level: <70dB
Package size(mm): 1200×1000×1100
Weight: 260/270kg

Product Details

Auto Tyre Changing Machine mobile tire changer ST-093H


*Full automatic tyre changer with pneumatic tilting column,
*Pneumatic vertical and horizontal arms locking at optional position.
*Right help arm
*With self-centering function.
*Optional plastic mounting/demounting head helps protect expensive alloy wheels
*Strong pneumatic bead breaker

Use Range:

1.Automotive repairing company
2.Transportation company, motorcycle
3.Tire specialized service station



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