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Tire Changer

Automatic Tire Changer(Tyre Changer) Car Garage Tools ST-512R

Rim clamping from outside: 12"~22"
Rim clamping from inside: 14"~24"
Max. rim diameter: 43"/1160mm
Max. rim width: 13"/330mm
Bead breaker cylinder force operating: 2500KG
Operating pressure: 6-10bar
Power supply: 110V / 220V / 380V
Motor power: 0.75 / 1.1kw
Max rotation torque of turntable: 1100N.m
Net weight: 360KG
Gross weight: 400KG
Noise: <70dB
Packing Size(mm): 1050x820x850 , 1250x800x300

Product Details

Automatic Tire Changer(Tyre Changer) Car Garage Tools ST-512R

Higher and bigger column update design.
Pneumatic operated tilting column.
Simultaneous pneumatic horizontal and vertical arm locking.
Capable of handling stiff, wide and low-profile tire.
Right sliding plate type assistance arm, fast charging auxiliary function.
Pneumatic bead breaker.
Bigger and stronger body, stainless steel big air container,
hard small air container these make long lifetime.


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