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Wheel Balancer

Automatic wheel balancer car tire balancer SB-262

Power supply: 110V/220V
Motor power: 185-320W
Balancing speeg:190r.p.m
Balancing precision:±1g
Rim diameter:265-615mm
Rim width:40-510mm
Maximum wheelweight:70Kg
Net weight:125KG
Noise: <70dB
Packing Size(mm): 1100×650×1160

Product Details

Automatic wheel balancer car tire balancer SB-262

1. Automatic distance and wheel diameter measuring.
2. Digital chip assembly and automatic digital display.
3. Microprocessor with self-test function.
4. Enlarged spindle and cone block diameter, so can balance the large hole rim without large cone block and cone disk.
5. Extended spindle can balance the wider rim.
6. Bigger and stronger body with higher base, so the internal chip can prevent moisture and extend lifetime.



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