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Tire Changer

Car Tire Changer Made in China Garage Equipment ST-093


Power supply: 110V/220V 1pH 220V/380V 3pH
Motor power: 0.75-1.1KW
Bead-remove cylinder: 2500KG
Operating pressure: 0.8-1MPa
Outside Rim clamping: 10"-22"
Inside Rimclamping: 12"-24"
Max wheel dimeter: 1000mm
Wheel width: 3"-16"(76-410mm)
Noise: 70 dB
Net weight: 210KG
Package size(mm) 1200x1000x1100

Product Details

Car Tire Changer Made in China Garage Equipment ST-093


1. Full automatic tire changer is suitable for handling 10 to 22 inches wheels and capable of handling 20 inches aluminum alloy rims without using special attached device.
2. Also capable of handling extra-wide tires; Aid arm installation is optional Vertical and horizontal arms with pneumatic dual locking device.
3. Pole is tiltable
4. Self-centering device
5. Slide with step function
6. Tool box under the pole
7. Tubeless in faulting device
8. Complete with air reserve tank
9. Inflating nozzles for tubeless inflating from the slides
10. Frontispiece inflating control pedal
11. Manometer for inflating pressure control equipped with deflating push button



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