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Tire Vulcanizing Machine

Professional passenger car and light truck tire vulcanizing machine SV658


Supply voltage 220V
Power 1800W
Vulcanizing temperature 140°C-160°C
G.W./N.W. 52kg/50kg
Packing Size 700*300*1000 mm
Product Details


Repair various passenger car and light truck outer tubes and tubeless tyres, specially good at repair tire shoulder, sidewall tires.


This machine assemble with up, down and side module to be a heat device. all the module shape according to the tyres shape. It will have a good effect to repair side wall tires and tire shoulder.
After repaired, the tire can afford the same pressure as like the new tires, and it will not be out of shape at the same high speed and temperature.
Adjusted temperature device to ensure have enough vulcanizing temperature.


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